What are the cost involved in marketing?


There are many variables in marketing campaigns. The key is to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in order to accomplish your goals. You should begin with a marketing cost per acquisition dollar figure and then set up your conversion ratios. Once your metrics are in place you have to execute and then measure.

Each point in the marketing process has to be measured. You need to know at what stage(s) you are executing well and at what stage(s) you need improvement. Everyone involved in the process needs to own their segment of the campaign and be held accountable. Employees and vendors involved in the process need to have the same levels of accountability.

Any marketing professional will tell you that there are only two legitimate reasons for a person not to accept your services:
1. No need
2. No money/No credit

This may come across a little forcefully but if you believe in the work and service that you provide to patients why would you want them to receive care anywhere else?

How is New Health Centers different?

New Health Centers eliminates your marketing cost of acquisition.

New patient marketing with New Health Centers eliminates any up-front marketing costs involved in direct mail, other print advertising, search engine marketing, radio & television. New Health Centers has one major conversion ratio; "How many appointments accept treatment?"

The cost of marketing is absorbed by New Health Centers therefore the marketing cost of acquisition for a treated patient is $0.00. Let's consider the labor involved in treating the patient. Because treatment plans can have a very wide range we will look at the cost of an 1 hour massage in the chart below.

  • Labor $ 20.00 (General Estimate to pay for the Massage Therapist)

There is an investment in each patient when working with New Health Centers. The costs to provide the new patient consultation and 1 hour massage maybe slightly higher or lower than those contemplated in this model. The financial risk to your practice is significantly lower than that which comes with direct mail and search engine marketing.

Working with New Health Centers does not eliminate an investment in new patient marketing. Working with New Health Centers eliminates the marketing cost of acquisition; reducing your investment to the labor associated with providing an introductory service.

The chart below illustrates potential Return on Investment at 20%, 40% and 60% conversion rate (based on 10 patients).

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