Our Doctors

Trust is important in any relationship. In the relationship between patient and doctor the level of trust needs to be significant. Have you ever stopped to think about what foundation this relationship of trust is built upon?

For some people it is a degree hanging on the wall of the practice from a University that we have at least heard of. For others it is the chair-side manner of the doctor and the staff.

  •    • Do they treat us with respect?
  •    • Are we confident in their ability to properly diagnose and treat our health issues?
  •    • How have they treated other patients?
  •    • Do they have a history of success or a clouded history of mistakes?

Depending on our level of concern the questions we will ask will vary. The most important thing is that we feel comfortable and confident, not only in the qualifications and ability of the doctor - but also in the doctor himself.

At New Health Centers the due diligence process for becoming a listed doctor is stringent. You may ask, "What does that mean?" We wanted a way for consumers who are potential patients to feel comfortable and confident choosing any of our listed doctors. So, we invested in third-party verification and credentialing for every New Health Center doctor listed.

VerifPoint, a company accredited by the NCQA and the URAC (non-profit groups that regulate the medical industry) performs a background check and ongoing screening for all of the doctors listed on New Health Centers. We verify the following items:

  •    • Education & Degrees
  •    • State Licensing
  •    • Licenses have to be valid with zero incidents of disciplinary action.
  •    • Board Certification
  •    • Specialty Training and Designations
  •    • Malpractice History
  •    • Medicare History
  •    • Medicaid History

We annually verify that licenses are renewed and that disciplinary action remains at zero. We also annually validate that malpractice coverage is in place and that there has been no change in their history. We use patient feedback to judge the quality of our listed doctors. If any doctor listed has a disproportionate amount of negative feedback from patients, they will be removed from our site.

Why do we do all of this? We do it for you. Your health is important and we want your experience with our listed doctors to be excellent. We thank you for your time.